Communicate your staff through training the knowledge they need for the implementation of your business goals. Training is a prerequisite for successful software implementation and increased user acceptance.

Trained users understand the concepts and philosophies that lie behind the software, have a safe handling of the software modules, are motivated and work effectively and efficiently. Whether beginner or professional training variants, with the Qalgo training you save time and find the most direct route to the destination.

Through a mix of classroom training and e-learning you will get a broad training program with us. Thanks to many years of project experience of our teachers, we guarantee you a first-hand knowledge.

Ok   Of course, your efforts and successes are also certified. By Qalgo certificates you can demonstrate your knowledge at any time. This will show that you value quality and your are qualified to operate the Qalgo solutions.

Discuss  Our training courses are also a dialogue with our customers. We are constantly striving to understand our customers. Often our training courses are also good opportunities to understand the problems and issues our customers in detail, and to develop together appropriate solutions.

Here you will find helpful tutorial videos that demonstrate step by step the efficient operation of Synapcus software and help you working with it. Beginners can rapidly learn the most important functions of Synapcus without having to re-consult the manual each time. : Synapcus Web Tutorials.