Technical support

The smooth operation of our systems is ensured by a professional technical support. A reliable support is an important prerequisite for satisfied customers. The support is based on a Qalgo service contract which governs the terms and conditions of the Support Services. Our support services are carried out by specialized staff. It does not count alone the technical expertise, but also the friendly interaction with customers.

As a cloud service provider, we are responsible for the continuous monitoring and management of the entire system. Thus, no investments or human resources on the part of the customer are required.


The help desk will help you with any needs in terms of application support and troubleshooting. Any errors or faults are analyzed and corrected immediately, if possible. Otherwise, our help desk defines an urgency of disorder, determines the constellation of the disturbance and creates a support call to our second level support.

Second-Level Support

The Second Level Support can help you in solving the present problems and eliminating errors that can not be done by the help desk. Support calls can only be started from the help desk staff (or key users). The content same benefits are offered depending on the guaranteed response time.

The second-level support (in German or English) is from 09:00 bis 18.00 clock (CET) available.