Software Architecture

Our applications and the database systems required for them adhere to the multi-layer architecture, in order to guarantee a high degree of data independence , both on the logical and the physical level.

A software architecture that has been set up can only be changed later with great effort. The decision about its design is therefore one of the most critical and important points in the software development process.

That is why we deal with software quality criteria such as changeability, maintainability, security and performance in the earliest phase of the architecture design as part of software development the FURPS acronym.

Whether it is about Synapcus extensions or customer-specific software projects, Qalgo GmbH will always use the latest tried and tested technologies to guarantee the product / project a high level of maintainability through architecture and modularization. A well thought-out software architecture applied in detail is the guarantee for the success and longevity of the customer project.