Sample code

In the developers corner section you can find useful code snippets regarding the Synapcus code and libraries. Based on the used Synapcus technologies you will find here server side java script (SSJS), client side java script (CSJS) as well as AngularJS and NodeJS snippets. This code snippets may help developers to understand the functionality and configuration possibilities of the Synapcus Platform.

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In this section you can find useful file downloads regarding technology aspects used by Synapcus. This files refer to technical documentation and are supposed to give Synapcus users and developers an actual point of view over the system features and configuration possibilities. Manuals and tutorials provide structured informations for familiarized Synapcus users as well as for beginners.

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In the Synapcus-Forum you can find useful question and answers regarding the technologies used by Synapcus, system deployment and development. Please feel free to ask a question, our development team will give you the proper answer.

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