Public sector


Reduce costs and improved services through transparent processes and resource sharing

Not only profit-oriented enterprises need a control system for maintaining an overview of the costs and budgets, but also the federal government, states, cities and municipalities have to use their budgets effectively.

The increasing demands and requirements of these sectors are hard to follow and the requirements for their management always rising. Resources can not grow indefinitely and at worst they even shrink. More and more public services are therefore insolvent.

The situation of public budgets is tense. Planned inputs are below expectation, their room for maneuver is greatly reduced and the debt rises by more frequent changes too. Therefore, a more efficient use of ressources is indispensable.

Your advantages with Synapcus

  • Preserve overview: the projects and their changes can be planned goal-oriented;
  • Budget-time-quality analysis at all levels of the project (work package and project);
  • Better services: Optimize your financial processes through a complete, structured management view and win new scope for action;
  • Adaptable: With Synapcus the limited resources are used effectively, quickly, easily and as needed;
  • Improve teamwork: Optimize the inter-agency information sharing through the sharing of resources and a simplified interaction between various stakeholders (e.g. various departments, service and customer).