Architecture and Construction

Architecture thrives on its own creativity in the implementation of ideas.


Synapcus, a web-based business software, supports architects and engineers in all planning tasks. From the acquisition phase to the planning and realization of the project, Synapcus is your constant companion and consultant in terms of overview and efficiency. Through digitized processes, digital information and digital communications between employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders in the project, Synapcus software combines project information to avoid duplication of effort, to promote best practices through project templates, to maximize profitability (ROI) and such to improve your reputation or customer satisfaction.

By standardizing and digitizing your workflows, you spend less time with administration so you have more time as an architect, structural engineer or engineer. Small and large architectural firms use the advantages of Synapcus every day. Here is an example of how our systems and individual solutions can improve your daily business:

PDF DokumentCase Study Kohlbeker Gesamtplan GmbH


Sales and Investment Planning

The Synapcus-Sales module helps in recognition of the new potential and such new markets are opened up by gaining information from sales. Through relationship management analysis, the intensity of the relationship is measured against all your active and potential customers, as well as the quality of the relationship itself through the results obtained (orders, fees, orders, etc.). This gives the user immediate overview of the potential customers with whom little or no communication was communicated, or about those with whom a very intensive relationship took place, but without result.

In contrast to the competition systems, Synapcus also integrates the acquisition phase in addition to project management. Whether competitions, calls for tenders or sales opportunities, these costs are by no means lost. Through the uniform consideration of the project from the creation to the archiving, you as managing director get a precise overview of the expenses and the effectiveness of all work packages, in which your company is involved. In addition, you can see how much of your sales opportunities actually reach to project, why projects are won or lost, and who gets the best sales from your sales team.


Document Management

The Synapcus: DOX Enterprise Content Management System can be used in all Synapcus® processes, where documents are stored and shared with other parties. The module is subject to a legal structure, which makes it possible to set or release documents specifically for various groups of persons. The access to documents is logged so that it is always clear who received what information and when they were read.

  • Web platform for multi-upload and document exchange
  • Folder creation and file previewer
  • Authorization and versioning of documents
  • Project parts per e-mail about new abloads in the synapcus

Hierarchical presentation

Videolink: Multi-Upload von Dokumenten in Synapcus

E-Mail Management

E-mail inboxes ensure poor project communication and e-mail servers make even worse long-term repositories of project data. Which employee received an important e-mail, who answered this, where was this e-mail saved? All these questions are difficult to answer without an archive system, the more under crisis situations.

The e-mail archive module of Synapcus software allows you to store to e-mail only once in a related project. Avoids duplicate repository and is easy to find when needed.


Offers by HOAI

Especially for architects and engineers, offers the Synapcus® PM and Sales modules the possibility to create projects according to HOAI tariffs and to set the classification according to the desired performance phases. An integrated calculation module for interpolation helps the architect during the tendering process in Synapcus® when determining the fee zone. Depending on the weighting of the assessment points, Synapcus® shows the table values ​​so that the calculation rate can be selected very easily. In a few steps, the desired performance phases can be selected and offered to the customer. By default, the system refers to the legal HOAI percentages for the corresponding service phases. But these can of course also be changed individually, in order to offer the customers the desired prices.
The offer process, which is supported by Synapcus®, is presented in more detail in our video, accessible via the lower link. For more info, follow our YouTube channel, which includes numerous tutorial videos to help you work with Synapcus®.

Videolink only in German: Angebotserstellung nach HOAI Tarif

Cost Planning and Profitability Analysis (ROI)

The Synapcus®: PM Module supports the architects and engineers in the planning and coordination of human and material resources throughout the project through the use of modern management techniques (integrated project teams, agile project management) to meet the given objectives such as Scope, Cost, Time, quality and stakeholder satisfaction.



Professional project management and controlling is becoming increasingly important for architects and architectural offices. In addition to simple possibilities for the quick recording of protocols or for convenient time recording (via web browser or smartphone app), the controlling module, which is specifically designed for the needs of architectural offices, plays a very important role. These modules offer optically appealing surfaces (traffic signaling), which are used daily. This makes a clear project and company control easier. A look at the Synapcus® “cost perspective” or “time perspective” is enough to quickly identify the projects in which the performance phases require acute action.

Project & Change Management

Ourdays, the pressures of change is greater and greater within organizations and their projects due different reasons.  Through this increasingly pressure to change  the tools for project management and change became more and more vital for any organization, regardless of whether small or large companies.

Why a project management tool needs also a change management tool?

  • The insights for change management are important for project management and vice versa as they are inextricably bound together in practice.
  • Many projects result in a significant change for an orgnisation while many changes move forward as a series of projects.
  • Which are the drivers of change? Are these internal or external? Who should approve the changes?
  •   Which are the supporters, which are the antagonists, which one of them have the power to influence the change?
  • Which are the effects of change in terms of budget-time-quality of the project?

Risks Management

Risk management is very important for the fulfillment of any project, regardless of the sector. Especially in the construction sector, where the projects are very complex and take a long time, it is of great importance. In order not to jeopardize the profitability of the construction project, the potential risks should be taken into account in the planning phase of the project

Risks can come from different sources: e.g. the resistance to change, the project cannot be completed in time, the project exceeds the budget, the project team loses a member, a subcontractor can’t deliver anymore in time or political decisions change the departure conditions of the project.

Our Synapcus® Risk Registry acts as the central storage for all risks identified during the course of the project and contains information on the risks, the probability and effects, the risk status as well as the avoidance strategies.

The registry provides a structure / workflow that captures all existing problems that affect the project team at a glance. Subsequently, necessary measures are taken to reduce the likelihood and the effect of the identified problems. The project manager constantly adds new risks and, at the same time, verifies the already existing ones. The risk positions are evaluated at regular intervals by the project team.

Commercial Order Processing

The Synapcus Order Processing Module provides architectural and construction companies with:

  • Support of the construction project management in the organization and preparation of technical tender documents for participation in procurement procedures
  • Billing of project orders according to achieved milestones
  • Preparation of presentations and events
  • Process documentation and KPI’s reporting to management through Synapcus dashboards

Employees’ Participation Matrix

Suplies an overview of all employee participation with “drill down” in the GANTT diagram as well as an overview of the employment rate of all workers with target / actual hour comparison

  • Per day
  • Per month
  • It will always display the current month
  • By adjusting the time period in the query mask, you can extend or change the interval

Dashboards und Reporting

With Synapcus® you can flexibly visualize your data. For example, the open JS API for dashboard rendering lets you create custom views in turn.

Enough with the Complicated reporting systems. With Synapcus® you can implement reports and reports easily and efficiently. Simply drag and drop the required representations, filters and groups to the desired location and you have finished your report template.


Project Communication

The Synapcus® Base module enables seamless communication and integration between employees, customers, files, documents, and communication units, similar to an email or telephone, and is part of all other modules.

Modern intranet communication due to the activity-stream / wall, general mail protocol integration, contact and appointment management increase the efficiency of communication within the organization.