Advertising Agencies and Media

Advertising agencies and Media

Advertising agencies and Media

In recent years, the development of digital increased more and more. The market is getting bigger, more flexible and is constantly changing. Customers are becoming more demanding, their needs become more complex. Therefore, a digitized system is essential for the quickly and competently market reaction of any organization.

Synapcus:CRM helps you better understand your customer’s needs, segment the market effectively and thereby send your customers targeted offers or presentations. This will increase your chances of receiving an order.

Analyzes of huge amount of data support you in the early detection of new trends and thus increase the profitability of your business because you are always one step ahead of your competition.

Your advantages with Synapcus: 360

  • First complete customer documentation. At a glance you can see that customer quality, flexibility or reliability is more important than low prices.
  • Grater sales process transparency, which increase sales, profit margins and reduces administrative costs.
  • Centralized knowledge. Information is available at any time and for all people, depending on the rights allocated to each role within the company. Data from various departments such as marketing, sales, operation or after service are merged together.
  • Activity stream protokol as an alternative to intranet connectivity speeding up communication and making it more effective.
  • The web-based Synapcus application allows you online access to all your data. Anytime and anywhere.