The Synapcus web application, (“Synap-se with your Cus-tomers”), is a new way of thinking for your company. It treats an organization as a conglomerate of knowledge nodes, bind together through their synapses.Other as classic business software, Synapcus focuses on the connections between the knowledge-cells, not only on the knowledge cells itself (people, files, smart devices). This approach allows a new quality of information because it makes your company “think”.

Synapcus brings you not only performance benefits, but you will also enjoy working with a software. It serves to make internal processes more transparent and to facilitate operations. It will help you to define more realistic strategic goalsidentify gaps and areas for improvement, recognize efficient opportunities and obtain a better overall performance against peer industry organizations.

 „I get always the best ideas whenever I imagine myself that I am my own customer.

“Charles Lazarus (*1923), American. Entrepreneur, founder Toys’R’Us


This module allows the seamless communication and integration between employees, customers, files , documents and communication entities similar to an e-mail or phone.Modern intranet communication due activity-stream/wall, general mail protocol integration, contact and schedule management increases the efficiency of the communication within organization.

  • Activity streams help the teams in your organization to really “work together” insideand outside the company.
  • Customers are also binded in the project teams.
  • File management has never been easier as in the SynapCus-way.
  • Each user can check-in and -out all the relevant project fields, can version , share or hide them.


As long as clear customer profiles are missing, which determine the value of a customer, the answer to the question “Who are the profitable customers and who are not?” will be difficult to answer.

The projects have to be performed efficiently and effectively. But what about the acquisition phase?
• How cost-efficient or effective is your organization coming to a project?
• What percentage of your sales opportunities will actually be for quotation? How many will turn into projects?
• How much of it is lost and for which reason? Could you improve something?
• How do you plan the next steps to win an important client?
• Which one of your employees is “the king of sales”, or which customer is the most profitable?


The SynapCus-CRM application was developed to support the strategic management of stakeholder’ relationships.The software can help you find new potential customers, a better understanding of the customers you already have, while quickly completing sales and bringing your products and services efficiently and effectively to market through marketing campaigns. Sales and marketing activities can be planned and documented, with acquisition strategies being developed.

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The SynapCus-PM (Project Management) allows you to effectively manage project goals , budget and time .The project is divided into work packages that reflect the real project phases, with each work package defined by its achievement level.

The milestones can also be easily visualized and controlled.In addition, the stakeholders can work together in one “project pool”, a web-based environment for communication.

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The success of an organization depends mainly on the people who are working for it. Hiring the “right” person, developing the ones which promise and holding on to those with outstanding abilities that are the most important decisions which managers make on behalf of their organization.

  • Organizational entry process: chaos or structure?
  • Training and development is an investment, but how much does it cost?
  • What do you now about your office overheads which are often estimated to double the cost of employing?
  • Away from single payment system. Do you have a performance and rewards system?
  • Profit center or cost center?

Synapcus:HRM will help you achieve a competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, introduce flexible payment models and foster a pleasant working atmosphere.

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Synapcus 360 includes all these modules in an integrated environment, ideal to cover all the sectors of your company. You will be surprised to see how many things your company “knows”.

This module allows all the synapsed company data, visions and projects, but also the costs and ratings to be bundled together in a large knowledge management warehouse. The warehouse can be easily visualized and controlled through the BI-Module (Business intelligence).

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Synapcus 360 includes all these modules in an integrated environment, ideal to cover all the sectors of your company. You will be surprised to see how many things your company “knows”.

This module allows all the synapsed company data, visions and projects, but also the costs and ratings to be bundled together in a large knowledge management warehouse. The warehouse can be easily visualized and controlled through the BI-Module (Business intelligence).

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 The main advantages of Synapcus at a glance

  • Anytime and anywhere.The web-based Synapcus application allows you online access to all your data.
  • Holistic integration of all process within organization under one umbrella
  • First Complete customer documentation: for example, you can see at a glance that your customers quality, flexibility or reliability are more important than low prices
  • Centralized knowledge. Information is available at any time and for all people depending on the rights allocated to each role within the company. Data from various departments such as marketing, sales, operation and service are merged together.
  • Increased revenue by identifying up-and cross-selling potential. You may classify your customers by sales, industry, number of projects, contribution or different types of costs thanks to a special advanced search and vary filter options. Thus, the information can be used for decision-making, marketing campaigns or strategy.
  • Greater sales process transparency which increase sales, profit margins and reduce administrative costs.
  • Creation of any important data on the fly such as emails, documents, activities or time sheets.
  • Precise project management: work packages, activities, costs and time sheets are brought together in an intuitive interface.
  • Effective collaboration and communication between the Project Manager, Project Team and external Project Stakeholders.
  • Budget-Time-Quality analysis implemented in all levels of the project
  • Activity stream protokol as an alternative to intranet connectivity speeding up communication and making it more effective.
  • Satisfied customers thanks to a better understanding of their needs.
  • Improved customer service due to availability of up-to-date information.
  • Friendly, clean user interface.
  • Easy-to-use system with innovative social project management features.
  • Related record lists such as documents, connections, activities.
  • Comprehensive presentation of the information: the users get all the needed information in one place.

Synapcus licenses

Contact management BASE CRM PM 360 Corporate
Contact qualification
Spontaneous activities
Contact history
Quick- search by tags
Full-text search through contacts and organizations (by name, relevance, date)
Duplicate recognition
Classification of the organisation in customers, suppliers, competitors, partners and VIPs
Friendly presentation of colleagues within organization due photo, facebook-like
Contacts classification by birthday/user
Export to Excel by category, SQL-like
(Up to a maximum combination of 5 categories)
Mail and appointment management BASE CRM PM 360 Corporate
IBM- Notes Interface
MS-Exchange Interface
General mail-protocol (SMTP, POP3, IMAP)
Appointment management
Introduction of emails directly into activity or process

only activity

excl. Projects

excl. MK & sales

Marketing BASE CRM PM 360 Corporate
Marketing lists (segmentation and targeting of the market by relevance for the organization)
Campaign management(budget and feedback monitoring)
Letters in series
Tracking of the working, traveling and material expenses
Emails in series
Series presentations (product / service / company)
Performance tracking
SQuick-Search by tags
Export to excel
Documents monitoring by version
Forecast, Charts representation
Sales BASE CRM PM 360 Corporate
Leads assessment
Sales opportunities
(sales process definition by industry)
Planning & Tracking the activities
Product/Service catalogue
Quick-search by tags
Performance tracking
Offers, presentations
Document monitoring by version
Costs tracking by activity and its main process
Recording of the time worked
Forecast, Charts representation
Project management BASE CRM PM 360 Corporate
Work packages monitoring by cost, time, performance
GANTT diagram (work packages and participants)
Recording of the time worked
Activities monitoring
Documents management, monitoring by version
Documents quick-search by tags
Documents preview
Produkt / Service-Katalog
Product/Service catalogue
Performance tracking
Document management BASE CRM PM 360 Corporate
Tracking of the document status
Tracking of the document version
Group processing of documents (team work)
Extra Features BASE CRM PM 360 Corporate
Export to Excel
Export/import of data from one DB to another O O O O
Import from Excel O O O
Offline-features O O O
Full-text search in all documents O O O
Risk management within projects O O O
Bi & Analytics with DB2 O O O
Added service BASE CRM PM 360 Corporate
Note: for other locations to be charged travel and accommodation costs