The AMS  is an integrated alarm management software for security organizations like fire departments.A modern client-server architecture ensures that all the events, alarms and incidents, are shown in “real time” to all the workstations.

The ergonomical GUI-design as well as the optimized workflows allowed operators to quickly and efficiently interact with the periferic systems (e.g. analog alarm, digital alarm and SMS-gateways).

This aplication was developed for the company Robert Bosch Automotive Electronics GmbH, subsidiary Reutlingen, and since 2007 has been in operational use.
Through the open configuration options the system can also be used in other enterprises, for security technology.


  • The client-server software as well as the middleware is implemented in C++ using the portable Qt Trolltech Nokia  framework and is running under Windows and Linux (client and/or server).
  • Some of the periferic systems are implemented in MS Visual-Basic 6.0.