ABAX is an integrated project management and tracking tool with special features for both architectural and engineering firms, as well as construction companies and investment funds.

The architectural, engineering and constructing companies are project-driven enterprises. The need to manage both project efficiency through time, quality and budget as well as project effectiveness though stakeholders’ satisfaction under contractual agreements increasingly dynamic is a complex management challenge.

The dynamic character of an architecture/construction project demands modern controlling tools and mechanisms for an efficient reaction to the project changes. ABAX integrates a wide range of logical modules which work together to give the project manager the right answers at the right time. All the project members can comfortably input and visualize all their project tasks and the worked time.

The ABAX module has been developed for and together with established companies in their industries.The logical modules can be individually configurated to meet the needs of a small, medium-sized or large company:

Project and Change Management Features:

  • Project Modelling and Definition (e.g. HOAI for Germany);
  • Ressource Planning;
  • Offer, order, contract and Invoice monitoring;
  • Change Management;
  • Time Management;
  • Travel Management and automatic booking;
  • Employees’ calendar;
  • Personal ToDo’s and Team Activities-List.


  • Fee predictive plans;
  • Payment plans;
  • Invoices and reminders;
  • Offers;
  • Time sheets;
  • KPIs


IBM Lotus Notes Application (Lotus Script Class Framework, Java Agents, Lotus Formula).The Lotus Script Class-Framework is based on the Qalgo Notes Relational DB Engine and the Model-View-Controller (MVC) software architecture.