“Ein Quantum besser.”

The company was founded by Adrian Engelmann in 2004. His vision was to package the latest technologies in easy-to-use software solutions. The focus was set from the beginning on, to the optimization and visualization of business processes. He learned the importance of ergonomics in the operation of software user interfaces through the development of command and control systems for emergency services, police and fire. Each click must “sit”, all relevant information must always be in the field of operator’s view. These findings have been then applied from 2004 in a broader market: architecture and construction. The first enterprise solution for architects and engineers (ABAX) was in operation in 2005.

Since then, more new modules have been developed, the product was always smarter. ABAX is today a mature software solution that maps all conceivable areas of the business life of a medium-sized company.

Progress is Life: In recent years, the IT world is experiencing a revolution: Mobility is the magic word. New technologies, fully web-based, replace the “classic” software solutions. So we followed on our vision and developed a new software web-based product, based on new technologies and on our years of experience. The need for mobile workstations to manage large amounts of data and costs, represent important correlations led to the birth of Synapcus.

SINAPSA cu negru

Since 2012 all our new developments have been realized on the Synapcus-Plattfom. Synapcus is not “just” a software solution, Synapcus is also a method for the modern enterprise management. After the use of Synapcus we repeatedly experience for our customers a new way of thinking, and a hitherto unsuspected flexibility in dealing with the information.

Our international team provides the necessary thrust to lateral cross thinking and innovation. Young minds led by experienced minds are constantly a surprising solutions. Perhaps no coincidence that Synapcus is born in Karlsruhe. The Technology Region Karlsruhe is also called the “Silicon Valley” of Europe, the Faculty of computer science Karlsruhe (KIT) is one of the best in the world.

Qalgo GmbH is confident in a synapses-future, a smart corporate world for our customers, who always makes available the necessary tools and methods to become better and more competitive.