Synapcus has been born

SINAPSA cu negru

The Synapcus web application, (“Synap-se with your Cus-tomers”) is a software portal that manages all your business relationships, not only within your organization but also with external Stakeholders, optimizes the communication, controls efficiently and effectively your projects, keeps always track of your costs, structures your sales and trough strategic Marketing makes your company well known in the market – without thereby being complicated.

Synapcus serves to make internal processes more transparent and to facilitate operations. It will help you to define more realistic strategic goals, identify gaps and areas for improvement, recognize efficient opportunities and obtain a better overall performance against peer industry organizations.

The increasing need of our days for mobility led to the need for a web based solution to increase both the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, and also to improve the acceptance of the staff towards the use of the system. Whether in the office, on the construction site, in the home office or on a business trip, the new web based solution Synapcus has a 24/7 availability for the user.