The Synapcus App

Synapcus App Activity WallThe explosion of ‘smartphone’ use provides businesses with new unique sales, marketing and communication opportunities. The number of mobile phones in use nowadays exceeds the number of toothbrushes! The power of ‘smartphones’, such as the iPhone and Android based phones, makes it possibly the most effective tool for communicating, collaborating, marketing and, of course, selling.

Through our Synapcus-App, we enable our customers to ware their corporate data safe even in their own pocket.Our customers can use the App and thus their company data, when and where it is most relevant to them – which is when they are going to be at their most receptive time.

The Synapcus-App integrates the essential features of Synapcus in areas such as contact management, sales, communication and activity stream (with the possibility to create, delegate and comment on activities). What we achieve:

  • visibility to customer at all time
  • create a direct marketing channel
  • provide value to our customers
  • improve customer engagement and increase loyalty.

The data is exchanged in real time with the Synapcus servers. Important events are mobile users signaled. The App-User has access to all address and contact information as well as to the activity history. The open sales opportunities with their key data as well as the current projects are always mobile here.

Important features as an extension of the existing system in overview

  • Intuitive operation similar to the Synapcus Web operation
  • Quick filter and search functions
  • Infinite scrolling in all views
  • Efficient Data Synchronization
  • Login process and access security via HTTPS protocol
  • Mobile Contact Management
  • Sales and Project Data
  • Appointment and task planning Activity-Wall
  • Telephony, navigation and e-mail integration