Synapcus Microsoft Office 365 Add-in

The Synapcus add-in for Microsoft Office 365 enables the direct integration of Synapcus features in Outlook 365, especially when managing Synapcus CRM contacts and archiving emails in association with Synapcus projects and opportunities.

The direct integration with Outlook 365 allows:

Manage and track CRM contacts
• View email senders and recipients with enhanced CRM contact information.
Create new contacts automatically from Outlook 365 in Synapcus:CRM, be it organizations or people.
• Automatic completion of address data using the Google Places APIs.
Mobile use on iPhone, iPad and Android devices (with the Outlook 365 mobile app).
• Direct phone calls, e-mails creation, map routings and Microsoft Teams chats.

Archive emails
• Archiving of emails from the inbox or outbox, by direct project or specified work packages assignment.
• Specialized search and categorization in the email archive.
Rights-based archiving (reading rights, project roles, disciplines).
Image previewer with image gallery of the archived files.
• Automatic file attachment storage in Synapcus:DOX and Microsoft OneDrive.

For using the Synapcus add-in you must own a valid Synapcus licence. The Synapcus Outlook 365 add-in can be downloaded directly from Microsoft AppSource:

Synapcus Outlook 365 Add-In

For a short video please follow the link:
YouTube Synapcus Outlook 365 Add-in