(Deutsch) Synapcus Version 2.40

The new Synapcus version 2.40 has been released. The main features of this major release focus on extensions for agile project management and the reengineering of the Synapcus activity stream and the Synapcus Kanban. The new activity stream now allows, among other things, also the insertion of multimedia content on the idea, activity or ticket or on their comments. The implicit connection with Synapcus:DOX allows both the chronological (stream) and the structured (folder, subfolder) storage of content and links.

The current COVID-19 situation also requires special workflow and software adjustments. All absence requests (travel, vacation, gliding, illness) have been expanded with informations about the travel locations or whereabouts. The traveler is informed of the current travel warnings on his route before and during the trip. In the case of round trips, all travel locations are monitored (based on the Synapcus travel activity at the travel location).

More details about the new Synapcus release can be found here: Synapcus Version 2.40