New features in Synapcus:DOX (Drag & Drop, Multiupload)


The document management module gets a new name: Synapcus: DOX

The entire functionality of the module has been revised and expanded. Interesting features such as a hierarchical directory structure a la Windows, a multi upload procedure for files, drag-and-drop option for moving documents and directories give the entire module new, improved control options which increase the overall efficiency of the document workflow.

Existing features such as file versioning, and logging have been extended. The mailing module now allows for automated alerts via email by persons or groups (Project participants).

The list of people who have been notified will be saved to the file, so that subsequent notifications can be sent to the same list of persons in case of new versions uploads of the same file. All actions – both the manual and automatic – are recorded in the history database as well.

The Enterprise Content Management System “Synapcus: DOX” is to be used in all processes of Synapcus software, where documents are stored and shared with other members such as project, marketing campaign or sales opportunity. Under the “Documents” tab can be upload files and additionally could be created folders for better viewing of loaded documents.

Synapcus:DOX pursued the “social” expression of the entire Synapcus system, as the user can examine its own files documents, the team documents, and generally public documents. The module is subject to a permission structure that allows you to set or release specific documents for various groups of people. Access to documents is logged, so it is always clear who has received what information and when this have been read by the other party.