Suppliers Management and Rating with Synapcus

For the general planning company, a structured and comprehensive perspective across all suppliers is the key to project success. The dynamics of a general planning project makes it clear today that without modern, digital instruments this perspective can not be realized. Intrinsic conditions, cross-company networks and structures must always be considered and recalculated in a multidimensional system. Various processes as well as previous projects provide important information about supplier relationships, skills and risks, thus allowing adaptive supplier controlling. Through its Supplier Management module, Synapcus: CRM helps to capture, visualize and enhance these relationships.


Lieferantenzyklus mit Synapcus (basic)

The Synapcus Addressbook-Module allows supplier identification based on filters such as trade, contact category, current business status, rating, geographic location, etc. The contact data can be obtained from the in-house database or combined with external sources. Filtered suppliers can be converted into a Synapcus campaign, which will invite them to fill in predefined forms. This is a special qualification that is relevant to the current process (sale opportunity or project). By the way: Each phase also allows export to Excel.

This will qualify a subset of suppliers for the negotiation phase.


Lieferanten-Identifikation im Synapcus Adressbuch

After the negotiation phase, the actual supplier work will be carried out within the framework of the predefined general planning project. As a result, the skills of the supplier are re-examined and evaluated by the project managers. This evaluation is multidimensional (criteria value and weight). The criteria are freely configurable in Synapcus. As a basis, criteria such as condition terms, on-time delivery, quality, risk and cooperation are provided. These criteria can be changed from client to client with regards to the supplier industry also.


Synapcus Lieferanten-Rating

Thus, the suppliers circle closes and the supplier evaluations can serve for a more precise identification for future projects.

Synapcus enables the selection of preferred suppliers and the reduction of supplier risks – from inclusion and qualification to classification and rating back-loop. Through this instrument the general planner company gets clear advantages:

  • Bind and uniform the supplier’s database using a transparent supplier base
  • Integration of supplier qualification and segmentation into other procurement processes
  • Controlling supplier compliance and supplier risks