HQCompMan: Software Solution for Complaintment Managment


The Engelmann Engineering has developed a new Complaint Management System “HQCompMan for service companies. The software module” HQCompMan” is going to be particularly used in the tourism industry. The aim of the system is to provide a centralized, workflow-based platform for the collection of complaints and claim status analysis over various operators (hotel, airline, car rental, etc.). It also allows the processing of applications in various departments and convenient tracking of the status quo of a complaint.

The system is integrated directly into the user’s mailbox and therefore allows a very efficient handling of all exchanged e-mails as: automatically claim registration; schedule complaint-events or input and tracking of documents regarding the complaint. The complaints can be inputed via web , email , and phone or directly over the Client Desktop-UI  (Lotus Notes) . The complaint management solution provides complete visibility into the complaints database and the lifecycle of each complaint with comprehensive aggregate reporting as well as individual case status tracking.

In the first step Engelmann Engineering will implement the server logic and a desktop client-UI based on Lotus Notes. Standard communications like Email and phone will be natively integrated so that each operator can input the complaint data directly from his/her mailbox.

A web-based solution shall follow in the near future.