Fee Forecast and Payment Schedule

The payment and fee forecasts in the construction sector can be very dynamic with regard to subsequent orders, structure of the offered services, the amount and the number of advance payments and the amount of the final statement.

The fee schedule and the payment plan take into account the planned and complection level of a construction project and can include various payment rates.  For the entire duration of the investment project the planner and / or real estate developer must always keep these plans in mind. It is also desirable to have a fast and, if possible, automated invoice system based on these plans. Key data such as the security retention and other agreements must always be available in the software tool.

With its improved financial module, Synapcus: FI supports Synapcus architecture and planning offices to manage these forecasts transparently and conveniently. The generated payment entries are also signaled via e-mail at maturity. Thus, a smooth invoice workflow can be ensured. Synapcus: CRM provides important information about the creditworthiness of customers. Compliance with the payment dates also contributes to the updating of the CRM information.
The new interface of the financial module increases the transparency and the ergonomics of the operation.