Travel Expenses with Synapcus

The Synapcus Travel Expenses Module has been extended to allow so-called “round trips”. So it often happens that the traveler(s) visit several travel destinations (appointments) belonging to different projects. The travel and labor costs must be split to the corresponding project cost centers. The key of all cost calculations here is the “Synapcus activity”. Thus, for a round trip several activities (for example “Appointment in Cologne”, “Appointment in Dusseldorf”, “Meeting in Frankfurt”) are created and assigned to the travel request. Each traveler must complete and request their own travel request, but the activities can be used by the entire group of travelers.


Round trip for 2 employees, on 3 appointments for 2 Projects

The travelers can take these appointments together or separately. Thus, e.g. the employee Jens request a two-day trip to Cologne, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. His colleague, the employee Jutta will only participate in the activity “Meeting in Frankfurt”, so she only has to undertake a one-day trip. Accommodation costs are only for Jens. These are assigned to the project 180010 (Customer A).

The travel request is a Synapcus workflow initiated by the traveler. To start the business trip one ore more project leaders can be asked for approval. If the response is positive, the traveler(s) will get signalized in the Activity-Wall about this approval (also per email). The workflow can be configured from client to client and can include following statuses: requested, approved, posted, for billing, in billing, completed.

The travel request is based on one or more appointments (activities) that are to be carried out at the travel destination.


Synapcus travel request (assignment of activitities to the request)

Travel accounting takes place from the status “for billing”. Receipts and invoices will be submitted to administrative staff who will process them and create the travel report that includes all travel expenses. It is important to distinguish between the costs that the employee has already paid (for example, taxi bills, hospitality) and costs incurred from third-party invoices (hotels, restaurants, car rental companies). Accordingly, these costs will be billed directly to the employee or to the third party company.


Synapcu travel billing (formular)