(Deutsch) Synapcus Version 2.40


The new Synapcus version 2.40 has been released. The main features of this major release focus on extensions for agile project management and the reengineering of the Synapcus activity stream and the Synapcus Kanban. The new activity stream now allows,…

Synapcus Microsoft Office 365 Add-in


The Synapcus add-in for Microsoft Office 365 enables the direct integration of Synapcus features in Outlook 365, especially when managing Synapcus CRM contacts and archiving emails in association with Synapcus projects and opportunities. The direct integration with Outlook 365 allows: Manage…

Travel Expenses with Synapcus


The Synapcus Travel Expenses Module has been extended to allow so-called “round trips”. So it often happens that the traveler(s) visit several travel destinations (appointments) belonging to different projects. The travel and labor costs must be split to the corresponding…