Workflow your processes with Synapcus

Digitization means automation and automation means simplification. Construction processes that previously only ran “in the heads” can now be designed, visualized and controlled easily and without programming knowledge (No-Code App) using the Synapcus Workflow App. The timing of all disciplines can be followed live by all those involved in the self-drawn schedule.

Comments, photos and videos from the construction site complete the information. The project or construction manager visually creates (drag & drop) the process or the “rules of the game” in a workflow, which is then followed and completed by all those involved. Communication between construction sites and offices will be easier than ever. The notifications of status changes or bottlenecks are made in real time. Various workflow templates make it easy for you to get started.

Draw and execute your workflows with the Synapcus Workflow-App in order to always have master control of the project.

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