Synapcus CRM Version 1.00 Released

The CRM module was developed for the strategic management of customer relationships within architectural and constructing organizations. The Synapcus:CRM tool is supporting you in finding new potential customers, getting a better understanding of the customers you already have, completing sales faster than you can imagine and presenting your products and services efficiently and effectively through marketing campaigns.

For example, sales and marketing activities can be planned and documented, and acquisition strategies can be developed. The address book contains all relevant sales and marketing data of customers, partners, competitors and service providers (suppliers) with whom your company has established/might establish a business relationship.

The CRM application serves to make internal processes more transparent and accessible and to facilitate operations management. It will also help you in defining more realistic strategic goals, by identifying gaps and areas for improvement, to recognize efficient opportunities and last but not least to obtain a better overall performance against peer industry organizations.