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Qalgo GmbH is a German software manufacturer and service company based in Karlsruhe. As a software proprietor of Synapcus ERP software, Qalgo GmbH offers a completely web-based solution (SSOT) for medium-sized companies in the areas of project management, CRM, collaboration, risk management, human resources, document management and BIM. Our aim is to provide top quality professional IT and management services in order to drive business value for our clients.

We advise and support you as a general contractor and offer you all services from needs analysis to planning, successful implementation and training to the actual operation of your IT project.

Our main product Synapcus ERP Software is an enterprise business application developed specifically for the project and service oriented middle class organizations (SMEs). Over a decade of concentrated experience in business software allows us, based on the our Synapcus platform, to implement your business processes optimally and cost-conscious.

Even if the reality is sometimes complicated with our software and our expert team, you always have an overview of the whole situation. Our focus is the excellence in customer relationship.

To any of your problems or concerns, we offer you a comprehensive, easy solution. “Keep it simple” is our motto.


Let Synapcus®CRMsupport you in acquiring new projects. It supports you in market segmentation and prioritization of target groups and increases your sales opportunities efficiently and effectively.


Plan and manage your projects successfully with Synapcus®PM and enjoy efficient controlling and risk management. At the same time, you relieve those involved of routine administrative tasks and thus increase the ROI.


As an enterprise content management system, which is based on a legal structure, Synapcus®DOX allows you to share documents for various groups and purposes.

Business Partner Management

General planner and project development companies need a reliable tool to manage all their partners and subcontractors. Complex contractual tasks are made easily with Synapcus:CRM module.

Collaboration and Task Planning

Modern collaboration tools (Synapcus Activities and Chat System) allow project managers to permanently be in touch with all their stackholders. Synapcus focuses on the due activities, so you can see where you are and you need to do next.

Worked Time Assignment

“Time is money”. With the time management module, all organization tasks can be easily assigned on projects, cost centers and working packages. Each employee can track his/her working hour accounts via modern drag & drop calendar functions.

Opportunity Management

Get full visibility into customer accounts pre- and post-sales. Track deals at each stage and what is scheduled to be closed. Manage key deliverables, real estate project acquisition details and deadlines and thus make sales teams more productive.

Project Management

Synapcus is the first Software platform to plan, control and implement construction projects. Planning tools like Gantt and Resource Matrix Allocation allow an interactive user experience like no other on the market.

Document Management

Synapcus:DOX with its Chat-App is the best choice as Cloud Solution for planing and construction companies to manage their digital content. Teams can easily find their files 24/7 with cloud storage and sharing, collaborate and chat in real time with approvals, or distribute for a variety of files.

Leads Management

Track your leads and their performance at every stage of the sale process, lead quality and qualification, customer relationships and monitor the KPIs like lead conversion rate or the no. of leads generated per certain interval.


Synapcus Financial Module is available for customer over 50 Users and supports the entire Business Lifecycle from opportunity to acquisition, customers and subcontractors orders, accounts payable and receivable, fixed assets, pay plan and remainders, project budgets or financial KPIs.

Human Resources

Synapcus:HRM provides an overview of the entire employee Lifecycle from contract details such as salary, holiday, weekly working profile to Skills Management. If self-service absence request or selecting new talents Synapcus prioritize key drivers of engagement so you can build strong teams and drive productivity.

Leave Request Workflow

The leave request is a Synapcus workflow initiated by the user. In order to be allowed to attend absence, several project managers and the supervisor are requested for approval. The leave request appears as a task in the activity wall of all participants. This allows both, the initiator and the approver, to easily understand the pending requests and their current status.

Travel reservation & billing

The Synapcus Travel Expenses Module has been extended to allow the round trips. The travel request is a user-initiated Synapcus workflow. The travel request is based on one or more appointments performed at the travel destination. From approval, to reservations and billing, the module covers all needed steps.

Skills Management

Finding the right people with the necessary skills and free capacities for each project, quickly and reliably, is an added value for every company and brings competitive advantages. With Synapcus Skills module, employees’ competencies can be quickly and conveniently captured, supplemented, queried, validated and evaluated in detail / combined.

Offer & Order

The new version of the Synapcus HOAI calculator gives you the opportunity to create various types of offers quickly and clearly. From design through planning and awarding to construction management, Synapcus offers comfortable masks and algorithms that keep the AEC industry clear of the essentials.

Supplier Evaluation

For service companies and in particular the AEC industry, which are active in large projects, a structured and comprehensive perspective on the quality of cooperation with suppliers / subcontractors is the key to project success or failure. Today, the dynamics of a general project make it clear that without modern, digital instruments, this perspective can’t be realized.

Risks Management

Systematically managing the project risks significantly increases the chance of project success.
Through the Synapcus risk management module, the project managers are given the opportunity to record risks and assess their impact. If the likelihood and the impact are rated as high, these risks must be avoided, minimized or compensated by measures.

Availability & Resource Planning

Using an Employee Availability Matrix, make sure that your employees are not over-loaded or under-loaded and such the projects properly occupied. The two Synapcus tools “Availability Matrix” and “Employees’ Workload”, combined with the “Skills Query”, are ideal tools for effectively managing the staff and their workload capacity.

Project Controlling

In terms of the increasingly fierce competition, project controlling tools are becoming more and more important in the AEC industry as well. It is becoming increasingly important to constantly review the economic success of both the individual projects and the entire company and be able to counteract them at an early stage in the event of imminent undesirable developments.

Dashboards & Reporting

The Synapcus feature “Configurable Dashboards” gives users the opportunity to install various dashboards in various places in the system. For this, a few basic JavaScript skills are sufficient. Of course, our dashboard templates can also be used. Dashboards can contain both basic figures, as well as graphics and other information.


Compared to other CRM products such as SalesForce, Hubspot, SugarCRM or Microsoft Dynamics Synapcus:CRM implements special CRM workflows for project-oriented companies (architecture offices, construction companies, engineering offices, product development). In particular, the integration of CRM-PM-ERP makes Synapcus the unique solution on the market when it comes to acquisition, processing and evaluation of projects.

Specialized office software for architects and engineers (BMSP) such as ProjektPro, UntermStrich, Kobold or Wiko also do not offer the required 360-degree perspective, especially not when integrating CRM / acquisition, change management and agile methods in the project lifecycle.

In a market comparison, the cloud-based ERP software Synapcus (Synapcus:CRM, Synapcus:PM, Synapcus:DOX, Synapcus:BIM) offers clear technical and price advantages in a uniformly integrated system. Thanks to its open plug-in architecture, Synapcus enables easy integration with other cloud products (REST API’s plug-ins for Microsoft, Autodesk, Google APIs, Datev, etc.).

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